Summertime Sadness

So I found this from May that I never posted, and as I read it, I can say that I had a great experience as a camp counselor, but I am soooooo glad that summer is over!!! Enjoy

So it just hit me that I really want to see all my friends again! I know, what took me so long to say this? But I just had a conversation with my friend from school and wished we were back hiking in the woods! I also miss my high school friends! I have been stuck in my house the last two weeks because I don’t have a car…tragic! Pretty soon we will all be getting together for graduation and the graduation parties that follow, so I am muy excited! I wish the twins from Nashville could come up for the weekend so we could just hang out and party hop, but sadly they have to work 😦 But I am trying to look on the bright to many memories this summer!

So here’s to summer memories! God’s Not Dead! And everybody poops!!


Sincerely Yours,

The Oreo ❤