Don’t Ride Your Bike to School

Soooooooo last week I had a crazy idea that I immediately regretted the second I started. Okay, so you know how everyone wants to ride their bike to school, or at least thinks about doing it? If this wasn’t you, then skip ahead. But I always dreamt of riding my bike to school so that I wouldn’t have to ride the dreaded over-crowded bus. Well, guess what? I did it. I rode my bike last week to attend open gym for volleyball. 😦 

Why am I not excited that I finally accomplish my life-long goal of riding to school? Because my school is at least 5 miles away from my house! Which is normally okay because I can do 8 miles easily without even noticing that I have been biking for that long, but 5.9 miles of tough terrain and many hills is almost unbearable.

You remember those pesky bikers riding in the street and making you slow down so you don’t accidently hit them, because why in the hell are they riding their bike on a road? I was proud to say I wasn’t one of them. And there lies my problem. Since I hate it when that happens to me, I chose to ride in the “berm area” (the space between the road and the grass basically), because I know how it feels.

YOU ARE WELCOME! My legs are not!

And that was only getting there… I still had volleyball, which consisted of a marathon of lunges and special volleyball squats (it still hurts to talk about). Then the dreaded ride back, which consisted of a long walk through 3-foot grass with mosquitos nipping at my ankles and an awkward stroll through a farmer’s sprouting cornfield, while a nearby neighbor yelled at me for “trampling the crops.” Then I gave up on trying to be a “good person” and did the thing I hate the most…I rode in the street. But you have to understand, this was after 45 minutes of tough terrain, two hours worth of lunges, and a long walk through grass and cornfields, 

I had to do it!

When I finally made it home I came up with only one conclusion: I will NEVER do that AGAIN! But I’m kinda glad I did it, because I got it out of my system thinking that I could causally ride my bike to school anytime I felt like it. It wasn’t all bad because I got to ride my bike and get a great workout, but then there was all that sweat and my butt hurt afterwards due to the stupid seat (ouch!). The only other downside was how sore I was afterwards, I could hardly get up the steps and bend down to pick something up.

Lesson Learned! DON’T RIDE YOUR BIKE TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a great workout, but also a great pain.

Bikes can hurt. God’s Not Dead. And everybody poops!!!


Sincerely Yours, 

The Oreo ❤