55 Things All College Girls Should Do In 2015


Commence 2K15 Activities… NOW!

It’s almost 2015. How crazy is that? Here’s my list (with some added from my fabulous friends and sorority sisters) of 55 things all of you college ladies should do in the year 2015. Keep me posted with details about what you accomplish over the next 365 days!

  1. Start a blog about something you’re passionate about. Your sorority (hint, hint…become a Stylista), your relationship, your pets, your make-up. Write about anything!
  2. Give your dorm/apartment a complete makeover. Canvases/mason jars/flowers. Do it all!
  3. Adopt an animal from a shelter: these babies need homes too. Try to convince friends/family to stop going to breeders for animals. Shelters have so many homeless ones that are just as great!
  4. Take pictures of everything you do. Memories are irreplaceable and I constantly find myself wishing I had more pictures from THAT theme dance, or THAT date night. Make your 2015 collage crazy good!
  5. Play an intramural sport at your college. Get fit, baby!
  6. Read The Five Love Languages. This book can teach you a lot about every type of relationship you’re in! Whether you need to learn more about your boyfriend or your best friend, this book can show you a lot about how to interact with others.
  7. Take a class you ACTUALLY want to take… something that is going to teach you a lot about life and what you want to do with it. I took a class this semester that was an elective that taught me more than I’ve ever learned in any class I’ve ever taken before. I’m very thankful for Dr. Cangemi at Western Kentucky University and everything he taught me and my class.
  8. Join a club that is going to help further your career options and help you make connections. Things like PRSSA for Public Relations majors and Up ’til Dawn for those of you who want to get involved with non-profit organizations.
  9. Study abroad! This is something I’ve always wanted to do and hope to do it this year! Visit a country that takes you out of your comfort zone and learn about things that aren’t so familiar to you. See things you’ve never seen before in Ireland and Harlaxton!
  10. Take an art class like the ones offered at Painting With a Twist! Go with a group of your girlfriends and paint some cute stuff for your newly made-over dorm/apartment!
  11. Be philanthropic. Do more than what is expected from you by your chapter. Yes, you have to get your mandatory service hours. But go beyond that! Volunteer at a children’s home or come up with your own fundraiser for something you strongly believe in.
  12. Listen to Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. DUH.
  13. Create a Goodreads account and go wild! Okay, maybe I’m a bit of a nerd. But this site helped me find so many cool new books. You can search through genres and even check out books similar to your favorite ones. It’s the holidays…I know ya’ll have some time to kick back next to a fireplace with a big cup of cocoa and a good book. GO. Check it out!
  14. Dye your hair! Give yourself a new look. Why the heck not? New year, new you. I like these ideas…
  15. Keep a journal of the next 12 months. You’ll be amazed by the end of a year. Keep a list of accomplishments and things you hope to achieve.
  16. Visit a family member who lives out of state. They can show you a lot of cool things in places you’ve never even seen or heard of before. Take time to adventure out of your state if you can’t go out of your country. Traveling is fun no matter where it is.
  17. Buy yourself a planner. It’s much needed if you don’t already have one. Try Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade.
  18. Collect key chains that you love from places you go. My mom does this and her collection is pretty crazy now!
  19. Take a yoga class. It’s the holidays…you should want to feel relaxed. What better way than to go work your buns off and also have a soothing workout at the same time?
  20. Binge-watch Gossip Girl. You just need to if you haven’t already. Are you even a college girl if you haven’t yet?
  21. Shop at the farmer’s market. These people work hard to provide for their families and their stuff is usually better than all that junk at Kroger’s.
  22. Have a “block party” with the girls on your dorm floor (or girls in your apartment building). It’s super fun to meet girls with similar interests as you. Friends don’t always have to be in the same sorority…they can be Panhellenic friends!
  23. Go to your school’s sporting events! The players train year round for people to come out and watch them. Whether they are good or not, it’s still a good time to dress up in your school’s colors and hang out with friends in a fun environment.
  24. Make friends in your classes. You don’t have to hang out with them outside of class, but having someone to study with or just complain to about the exams and work load is really great. Especially if you need to miss a class due to sickness!
  25. Go to Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida! So, so much fun. It’s definitely an experience every college girls needs before they graduate.
  26. Discover a local cafe and fall in love with it. We have Spencer’s in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Everyone loves to go there and hang out with friends. Find a place that fits you and your friend group!
  27. Health is extremely important! Try to go to your doctor for a checkup after the holidays. Stress and anxiety can get to all of us. It’s good to stay on top of sicknesses that might be arising in you.
  28. Find YOUR place on campus to study. A lot of people have certain environments that they have to study in. I need it to be silent where ever I am. I can’t be distracted by other people or I will NEVER get my work done. Go to the library or find a place outside when it’s nice out to refresh yourself.
  29. Look at your dorms’ bulletin board AT LEAST once a month. There’s so many free events that your campus hosts that you probably aren’t aware of! Check ‘em out! Our Mass Media building constantly has speakers coming in from everywhere to talk about their experiences. Why wouldn’t you want to see pictures that were in National Geographic?
  30. Celebrate EVERYTHING! Birthday? New job? New sorority members? New DRESS? Don’t care. Celebrate it.
  31. Spend a day just doing absolutely nothing. Get in your PJs and relax! You deserve it! Make some Ramen and plant your butt for the day.
  32. Road trip with some sisters! Go to all of your hometowns and see what they have to offer. Let your sisters take you to their favorite places that they grew up knowing. I’ve always wanted to do this since my hometown is 13 hours away from everyone else’s!
  33. Create a Polyvore account. You can put together outfits that you might like together to plan out your week or a party outfit. I like this account because I love pretending I have all of this money and can spend on it ridiculous amounts of clothing…but I don’t…so I just make outfits for other people to look at! HAHA
  34. Put $10 aside from every paycheck and save up for something you’ve always wanted. That big screen TV? A Lilly dress? Girl, if you can save that much, you’re allowed to splurge on something great.
  35. Pay for someone’s coffee who is in line behind you and make their day. I’ve seen so much of this lately. You’ll feel great. They’ll feel great. Everyone wins!
  36. Go to a concert for a band that you LOVE.
  37. Take a language course. Knowing a different language can help you get a job over someone else someday.
  38. Fall in love with coffee if you don’t already love it. You just need to. It’s like…mandatory to surviving college.
  39. Do you have weird fountains on campus like we do? RUN THROUGH IT.
  40. Don’t take your bus on campus… just walk it on up to your class, girlfriend. There’s no such thing as the Freshman 15 unless you allow it.
  41. Finally get the phone number of the cute guy from your class. I know you want it…
  42. Try to dress well for your classes at least once a week. It’s not hard. And if you’re trying to accomplish #41… this will probably help ya out.
  43. My sweet  sorority sister said “Try not to sweat the little things, they don’t matter anyway.” And this is true. You wore the same dress as another girl to formal? Who cares! Oh, she likes your date too? Again… who cares? Move on and don’t let those little things stress you out.
  44. Turn your phone off for a week so that you have to have actual interactions with actual people. Girl, you won’t be doing interviews through a text message. Go out there and get yourself some communication skills. They’ll do ya some good.
  45. Lay on the roof of your favorite frat house and watch the stars with your favorite frat star.
  46. Read the book Firefly Lane. This was suggested to me by one of my sisters so I will definitely be checking it out.
  47. Make out with one guy from every fraternity or sports team. Why not?!
  48. Try every type of beer at your local college bar/hangout spot in one night. We have Hilligan’s at WKU. Where do ya’ll hang out?
  49. Turning 21 this year? Try to complete your shotbook in one night. I know–it’s crazy. I probably won’t be able to finish mine. But hey, we’ll see!
  50. If you can’t adopt an animal like I stated in #3, at least go play with them!  You can get service hours for doing this. Go walk one of the dogs and enjoy yourself! They need love even if you can’t take them home.
  51. Meet your boyfriend’s family. It’s okay… they’ll most likely end up liking you and then you don’t ever have to do the awkward meet the fam thing again.
  52. Spend more time with your party friends. Have a good time. College is stressful enough. Let yourself let loose and party for once!
  53. Also… spend more time with your calm friends. It’s cool to have a night in studying sometimes.
  54. Meet new girls in your chapter. They may not all be your best friend…but there are plenty of girls in your chapter that you probably have no idea that ya’ll have stuff in common. Give it a chance. You never know, the girl that never talks could be your MOH some day.
  55. Binge-watch Gilmore Girls. My older sister and I have been all of Winter Break and oh my gosh… LORELEI AND RORY ARE SO PERFECT. DO IT NOW!

There you have it. MY list of what every college girl should do in 2015. Yes..  some of it is biased… but it’s alright. Do whatcha feel! And happy new year, beautiful!

— By Falon Keith|This post is in: Thoughts


One thought on “55 Things All College Girls Should Do In 2015

  1. WOW..didn’t mention me in ANY of theses?…that’s ok but fr your own sister…not even in the key chain or Gilmore Girls one…I’m hurt.

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