The Start of Something Great

As you know summer has unofficially ended with the passing of Labor Day, but you can also tell by the 11 foot corn crops growing near my house. But while my time at home has been filled with ups and downs, due to my summer job at the YMCA as a camp counselor, I will still miss my coworkers, my kids from camp, and my family of course! But lucky for me, I have been distracted by a whole new set of people that I can call family!

Two weeks ago as a freshman orientation leader has been the most inspiring, eye-opening, and incredible week of my life where I was able to find myself, make new friends, and reaffirm the whole reason why I came to BU and decided to be part of the orientation team. In the words of the hilariously awesome Saturday Night Live skit that was performed during the week, ” that’s a good group, that’s a really good group!”

Last year when I was a freshman, my group was a bunch of losers. I know that sounds pretty mean, but it is so true. During our time participating in the freshmen activities, we did nothing. We didn’t feel like doing anything, we were not very enthusiastic about anything going on, so I stepped up and tried to cheer everyone up by volunteering to jump into the kiddie pool and look for the marble at the end of the relay race! But they were not having it. And it had nothing to do with our CREW leaders, they tried everything in the book to get us excited and get to know everyone and actually enjoy ourselves, but it was like my group had fun repellent on. When I got from that trip from hell, I promised myself that I would try to become a CREW leader so that nobody would have to experience what I experience during my session.

Fast forward to two weeks ago after long hours of training and strenuous activity when moving the freshmen in, my partner and I met our freshmen, and we were presently surprised. At first they were a little quiet, but they would still participate in all the team-building activities that we ask them to do. The next day we did activities on campus, and they were getting really into it and becoming friends with each other and we all had fun during the dance party at the MAC. Then it was time for Crossroads, where we go to campgrounds and do many activities like Wacky Olympics and perform hilarious Saturday Night Live skits that were just so perfect. For Wacky Olympics, we may not have won all of the events, but we had the most fun doing it and had the best team spirit with our war paint!

After a pretty exciting day came the Fireside Talk were the freshmen could say whatever they wanted about their experience during orientation! Everyone laid their heart out on the line, which was a first because normally people just said “I can’t wait to start my journey here at BU” or “Thanks for putting on such an exciting event” or something like that, but this talk got so EMOTIONAL! I am not one to cry in public EVER, but I was bawling my eyes out with my CREW partner and we were so proud of all the freshmen and especially ours because a few of them went up on stage and said something. So many of them had come out of their shell and were talking to everyone. I felt like a proud mom watching them change! The funny thing is that they changed me too! I was like them at the beginning of training because I didn’t know my partner at all before this, but now we are good friends because we were able to experience everything together! I am more talkative and talk to even more people than I did before, because they gave me the confidence and support that I needed to become better person, and I am eternally grateful for each and every one of them. They were my first orientation group and my partner’s last, and by far I don’t think any other group could top that down the road. I love all of them to death and am so glad that I met them. Like I say, everything happens for a reason, and I now know what the reason was for meeting each and every one of them was. It was to change my life for the better!


Best Freshmen Ever! God’s Not Dead! And Everybody Poops!


Sincerely Yours,

The Oreo ❤


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