House of Flies

The most disgusting thing to ever exist are big, fat, juicy flies! I mean of course everyone knows this, but you don’t know how bad they are until you find them in your house! And this probably still doesn’t sound that bad, since you can obviously pick up your fly-swatter and kill them.

But can you kill 15 different flies that are on two different windows that are just chillin’ out like they are at a backyard barbecue on Memorial Day?

Let me take a few steps back and tell you that our house isn’t tidy, but it isn’t trash on the floor and 2 week old food in the sink either. It’s more like an organized chaos. Well anyway, the family went to Cleveland for the 4th of July to hang out with the family! Less than 24 hours later we return home and guess what happens?

We are greeted by flies in our kitchen window and our sliding glass door. I freak out a little bit because there are so many in the window that it looks like something died on the window and they are devouring it. So instinctively my dad grabbed the fly swatter and started murdering the flies left and right. Then I walk over to the sliding glass door to get my kitty more water and I turn into a little girl all over again. I said, “Daddy! Daddy! Come kill these flies over her!” It was completely gross! We checked everywhere for more and to somehow figure out how they all got into our house because literally less than 24 hours before we were completely bug free or at least thought we were. So we checked to see if there were any broken windows or cracks or anything that could explain this atrocity and along the way we found more in the basement, our upstairs bathroom, and my brother and sister’s room!

Talk about disgusting!!!!

And what is even worse, is that they seem like they keep coming. We think we killed all of them and then the next day, a couple more are flying around in our face! Hopefully I killed my last fly today, but who knows, they like to re-spawn (come back from the dead)!

If anyone has an idea of how this could happen, I would really like to know!

Flies are the enemy! God’s not Dead! And everybody poops!


Sincerely Yours,

The Oreo ❤


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