Summer Lovin’

I am finally home from my first semester in college and have nothing to do for once! But for anyone that knows me, this sucks!! I am the girl that brought books and homework to the mall, dinner, and volleyball games in high school. I need homework or my body cannot function. This summer is going to be very hard on me, especially if it last for 3 whole months! So my plan this summer is to:

1. Find a job!!!!

This is the most important so I can buy my books for the upcoming school year and just have money in case of emergencies!


2. Buy my chemistry and biology books for next year!

I want to get A’s in both and I figured by getting a job and buying my books during the summer, I will be able to get a jump start on all the homework so I am not struggling during the semester! (Told you I need to be doing homework all the time!)


3. Read as many books as possible!’

I like reading and like imaging other people’s lives and what could happen if you go down a certain path and books are the way to do that. They inspire me to be more and to know that I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it.


4. Learn to play my guitar!

I have had my guitar for the past 3 years and had one before that and never learned how to use it. This is the summer that I learn how and write songs that I am too tone deaf to sing. This will help me express myself and who knows what will happen?


5. Write on my blog and finish writing my books!

Writing helps me express myself in ways I never thought possible and writing books about how I wish my life could be makes me appreciate it even more!


6. Add to my list.


This summer is about learning new things and exploring myself in ways I never thought possible. It is my turn to feel happiness and like I said, who knows what will happen this summer. So here is to an exciting and fun-filled summer filled with opportunities that will last a lifetime!

Happy Summer! God’s Not Dead! And everyone poops!


Sincerely Yours,

The Oreo ❤


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