No Regrets in Rock Climbing


I have been obsessed with the idea of rock climbing, ever since I saw Anne Hathaway do it on Princess Diaries, and I have been hooked ever since. I would even test my skills at the rock wall that they had out in the children’s play area during the car shows. But this was so much different then I thought it was going to be. I got to live out my fantasy this past weekend when I went to Pine Ridge, Kentucky. And to quote Anne, “…so I can climb some real rocks.” Except I did not know there were going to be real rocks, I thought it was going to be the indoor rock wall that I was accustomed to. But to my surprise we drove the two hours, then hiked up the side of the mountain to get to the site where we would be climbing.


When we got there I can admit that I was a little scared but I bit the bullet and got harnessed in to climb. And I was so glad I did. It was completely invigorating using my entire body to climb the face of a mountain and “riding the crack” all the way up to the top! I completed the route super quickly in under 5 minutes.  Then I tried one of the hardest routes and it was even better than the last one! This one took me a lot longer to complete but it was so worth it when I made it to the top. The bottom was incredibly difficult to start because it was a completely smooth surface, but i kept trucking it to the top. The best part about it was that it was like solving a math problem! I know that sounds ridiculous but I like math problems! I was to assess the rock in front of me so i could find hand and foot holds to make my way to the top. After making it to the top, i was done; I was completely exhausted. This is one thing I regret. I regret not doing all four routes and stopping at only two. I know I can always go back next year and do all four, but in that very moment I was so sad and wished that I hadn’t been so afraid and had just gone for it. This is a lesson for everyone: live without regret! In the end it could bite you in the ass. So next time climb that 4th mountain so you won’t regret it, because trust me, it will be totally worth it!

No regrets! God’s not Dead! And everybody poops!


Sincerely Yours,

The Oreo 🙂

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