Making Friends in College


College is hard enough, but not having anyone to share in your daily joys and daily struggles is even harder.

I started college this past fall at Bellarmine University not knowing anyone there except what my roommate looked like. I came with no friends, since everyone stayed in Ohio for college, and no idea of what to expect next. So I stayed quiet. Then slowly and slowly, I started opening up to people, first with my roommate, then with my roommate’s friends, then with friends of my own.


Strangers think I’m quiet

My friends think I’m outgoing

My best friends know that I’m completely insane!


It is funny looking back on the past year and seeing how much I have grown and changed into an outgoing and happy person. That is all thanks to the friends I have made throughout college. Knowing how horrible I felt during the first couple of weeks of school (I literally thought of transferring and had a nervous breakdown where I questioned why I came to Bellarmine and why I did not attend Pittsburgh if their physical therapy program is ranked higher than Bellarmine’s. I cried for what felt like forever and decided that I came here for a reason and that after graduating from Bellarmine, I would then move to Pittsburgh to live out my dreams of being a physical therapist for a professional sports team) I make it my mission to make people feel included and feel like they matter so that they can do the same thing for someone else and start a tidal wave of happy thoughts and actions. If you were to meet me at the beginning of the school year, I would have said hi and then walked away, but now I have the courage to start conversations with people I barely know. I say hi to the cleaning lady every morning before I go to class and I truly hope that I am somehow making her feel better  and appreciating her life. And that makes me very happy.

My friends are always asking me how I have so many friends and how I know EVERYBODY! I just simply say that I am nice to people unless they cross me or one of my best friends. I only talk when I need to and listen the rest of the time. I like to observe and listen to what people have to say because that is how I was raised. But most importantly think happy thoughts and they will translate into your actions.

Think happy thoughts. God is not dead. And everybody poops!

Yours truly,

The Oreo ❤

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